Make an impression.

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My Background

Kristin Jones began her television career in New York City where she quickly rose to become an associate producer in less than a year.  She helped to produce Imagine Entertainment’s Jay Z: Made in America, Sundance Channel’s Quirky, Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, as well as segments for various web series. Most recently, Kristin produced a 13-minute segment for the Guardian, where she collaborated with a London based reporter to shape the story, connected and cast local Memphians who are creating change in the city, and during production, she created the shooting schedule, interviewed the talent, and assisted the crew as necessary.

Over the last 10 years, her work in television increased her interest in fashion and design, and Kristin began designing her own clothing; her sewing and knitting designs and patterns have been published in numerous online publications, like Rolling Stone Buzzfeed, and Craftsy, as well as several print publications around the world, including Amirisu, Cast On, and Prime Publishing.

My Mission

At the end of 2015, Kristin moved back to Memphis where her time is split between costume design and documentary production. She feels both enable her to connect to the other person and tell their story.  She strives to empower her clients to feel bold, powerful, and ready to make an impression on the world. Kristin considers her greatest production to be combining her vision with the inner beauty and unique personalities of the individuals she works with.

Nothing she creates can exist on its own.

Currently, in addition to costume design, Kristin is a partner and content creator for Storyboard Media, bringing inspiring stories to light.