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My Background

Kristin Magdalene started knitting as a form of stress relief from her busy job as a television producer in NYC. Through knitting she was able to fully unleash years of repressed creativity. Her design work has been featured in magazines around the world, as well as on websites such as Buzzfeed, Curious, and Craftsy. She specializes in exclusive feminine and modern designs, with each garment hand-knit and crafted to feel as if you are stepping out wrapped in luxury and warmth.

Because knitting was her gateway into a happier, more sustainable life after being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness, Kristin Magdalene writes and speaks about creating a conscious lifestyle through self-care and mindfulness. Her courses are specially crafted to love and appreciate your body, mind, and soul, as all healing begins within, and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Free From Perfect, and Irreversibly Moi.

My Mission

The primary purpose of an artist is to take her materials, in the case of knitting, yarn and several sticks, and create something that invokes a reaction.  In every area of her life, Kristin Magdalene seeks to create awe, beauty, and inspiration within the beholder.

With her vintage inspired designs, Kristin Magdalene wants the wearer to feel bold, powerful, and ready to make an impression on the world.

Kristin Magdalene also offers essays and audio courses on loving your body, getting intuitive and creative, and rewiring the brain for a happier life that leaves the listener in a more confident, loving, and inspired state.

In both her designs and her courses, Kristin Magdalene considers her greatest production to be combining her vision with the inner beauty and unique personalities of the individuals who purchase her work, as nothing she creates exists on its own.


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