Storing Knitwear with Cedar

With the warm summer months arrive, how to store wool sweaters is probably the last thing on your mind, but if have garments or accessories made with 100% wool, you can take a few simple steps right now to make sure you still have your wool garments for next winter by storing your knitwear with cedar.

Moths are pests that you probably won’t see until you find holes in your favorite sweaters when you unpack your fall and winter clothes. There are a few very normal preventative measures to take to prevent clothes moths, most notably you should clean your space and the clothing before packing it away.

Because I’m all about the sustainable and natural methods when possible, my favorite preventative measure against moths are cedar blocks. The natural oils of red cedar kill moth larvae, and the larvae are the creatures that are actually eating your clothing. Cedar chests and closets work well, but you can also purchase cedar blocks, rings, and balls. If you want a variety of closet protection, check out this lot of cedar.

The scent does fade over time. You can add cedar oil to the blocks or lightly sand paper the blocks as needed.

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