Meet the Model: Erika from Beaut Optician

You do you.

As an optician by day, Erika from Beaut Optician is used to helping her clients not only see, but look and feel great in their glasses. This desire to inspire and motivate everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, to use their own voice, to find their own unique style is what led her to start Beaut Optician, and I am so happy to connect with her because her positivity and enthusiasm, not to mention her great style, are so contagious.

We met up one day last week for a really fun photo shoot, and you can read her account of the day (and what she thought of my sweaters!) here on her blog. But first, read on for an interview and check out some of the amazing pictures we captured!

When people check out Beaut Optician, what do you hope is their biggest takeaway? I hope that they take away some style inspiration and insight into the products that I am honestly loving. As an optician, I also want to bring a sense of awareness that glasses are cool and are always an extension of your personality.

What are your biggest tips for people interested in beauty/fashion/lifestyle? As I always say, which is also the mantra of my blog “you do you.” If it makes you feel beautiful and fashionable own it and rock it and be confident with your style. There are no rules to break with your own personal style.

What is your favorite outfit and why? My favorite go to outfit would have to be the good old romper. I even wear them year round with tights or boots if I have to! I love getting key pieces that will last years and that can easily transition from season to season. I’m very casual at home though and definitely have a sporty side. You will find me in workout clothes¬†and sweatpants a lot too.

What part of your day do you take the most pleasure in? Even though I always find it hard to be a morning person, I’m always so productive when I get up early. I do my best work in the morning it seems. I also love the time with my family after work and just watching tv shows together before bed and getting off Instagram!

What was the last “splurge” that was definitely worth¬†it to you? I always splurge on quality eyewear and lenses. When you think about a pair of glasses, that is the first thing people notice. It is on your face and helps you see the world the best you can. It’s the most important accessory you can wear because it is also very functional. I love to be able to splurge and support independent opticians and designers who really do put their heart and soul into making a pair of glasses, not something that is mass produced. One of my favorite eyewear lines that does just this is “Anne et Valentin”, those are always a worthy splurge!

How much of your wardrobe brings you joy? All of it! I’m really good at getting rid of things I don’t wear. I actually hate clutter and only keep what I truly love and feel good in.

When you go shopping, what are you looking for? It depends on my mood. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to shop for clothes and I want to shop for home decor! I’m always in the mood for makeup and skincare. I always seem to find something at Sephora, most of the time too much!

What are your favorite qualities about wool? I had no idea that wool was, for lack of better words, such an interesting fabric! My favorite quality is that it just feels so light and soft and warm at the same time. You don’t sweat in it either, I’ve definitely had sweaters that were acrylic mixed with wool and if it just got slightly too hot, I would feel sweaty. Wool just feels like a luxurious hug.

What drew you to my line? I am always so impressed with hand made quality product. Whether it be glasses or sweaters, I just appreciate the time and love that is put into it. I also loved the cuts of the sweaters, they all offered unique lines and not just your average “boxy” looking sweater.

Which sweater or cardigan of mine is your favorite? My favorite one to wear and model was definitely the “Sophia Cardigan.” I could see myself wearing it with so much. I loved the details at the end of the sleeves and the ballet pink color reminded me of my dancing days.

Check out Erika’s incredible style at Beaut Optician, and follow her on Instagram!

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