Costume Design – Unleash Music Video

Earlier, this summer, I was the costume designer for Savage After Midnight‘s new music video “Unleash.”

The music video is post-apocalyptic, with Landon living in a junkyard, and spending his life on the run from henchmen.

Little Landon’s clothing was fun to pick out and piece together – and then to destroy. Skinned knees on his jeans, mud on his shoes and clothes, carefully distressing his hood, his elbows, and his hoodie pouch, and then burning his backpack.

Landon the adult had a much simpler wardrobe: distressed jeans and sweater. I took apart the collar and a portion of the ribbing, and then made  various slashes throughout the knitted piece.

The henchmen were all wearing identical work suits, but each had their own unique distressing, from gashes and rips to entire sleeves being ripped off. The masks were really enhanced by the incredible make-up team we had on set.

Check out the incredible music video below from Savage After Midnight, produced by Hotkey Productions.

All photos taken on set by me.

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