Commission rate: 10%

Per sale commissions apply only to the cost of the ordered product(s) even if the order’s total amount is higher due to possible extra charges that the visitor will have to pay (shipping costs, payment method fees, etc). For example, if you redirect a visitor who buys products that cost $200 and there is $10 shipping cost for this order, the total cost of the order will be $210 but your per sale commission will be calculated as the percentage of $200 (only the cost of products without any additional fees).

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, please email [email protected] with your marketing plan.¬†Once approved, you’ll be given a unique coupon code for your referrals to use at checkout. On the 25th of each month you’ll receive¬† a summary of any items sold, and any payment will be sent via Paypal on the 30th of each month.