Translate your unique self into your wardrobe for with confidence and ease!

Are you ready to command respect when you walk into a room?

Do you want your energy to convey that you're living a balanced, put together life?

Do you want to stop following the trends and dress in a way that really reflects your personality?

You deserve to feel more confident than ever before.

During these 7 days, you will:
  • Discover your essence
  • Get clear on the real YOU
  • Shift your mindset around your body
  • Gain clarity on how to balance your life
  • Identify your personal style
  • Curate your wardrobe

  I have been making bold decisions after taking this challenge. Clearing was my favorite, and then getting fun new things was my second!  I went through my clothes and pulled out 3 large trash bags to sell, trade, and give away. This challenge is like getting a radical mindset and fashion makeover! -Lady L, Lady L 411  

Hi, I'm Kristin Magdalene. I support women who are ready to step into the life they have always envisioned by helping them clear their confidence blocks and develop their personal style.


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