Spring Clean Your Wardrobe for a Better Life

Now that the weather is nice, are you ready to create a whole new (and better!) life for yourself and spring clean your wardrobe?

The warm weather and the reappearance of the sun remind us of our goals and desires and our love of life. It is part of human nature to be expansive. No matter your age, gender, or social status, we all yearn to grow, to be more, to do more, and to have more.

Like most people, I was raised with a negative and critical mindset, probably because my parents were also negative, critical, and very unhappy. I was taught that the world is unfair, and I should live with whatever scraps were given to me by others.

It has been an incredible process for me to learn to not only see the wonder and beauty in the world (and yes, even to appreciate the “scraps” from others), but also to find my own internal power where I can create and manifest the life I’ve always wanted to live.

Naturally, as someone who lived a rather unbalanced life for awhile, I am all about basking in the frequency of creation and growth. But as much as I love the idea of living in a Utopian society where only wonderful things happen, I know that only looking at the positive side is just as unbalanced and unsustainable as only looking at the negative side of life.

Depression and anger have a place and a purpose in everyone’s lives. You cannot have life without death. The necessary duality that exists within everyone and everything can be an uncomfortable realization, and it’s only with you accept the negative that you’re able to fully experience the positive and the growth that you’re desperate for.

But how do you reconcile that with only wanting to see the positive side of things, enjoying life, and even creating a better one?

The law of conservation of energy says that nothing is ever created or destroyed, but that the energy is merely transformed. The common goal then is not to ignore the negative and pretend it doesn’t exist, but to transform and transmute the energy into something else.

My parents, perhaps as a symptom of their unhappiness, were also low-level hoarders when I was growing up. While we luckily never had stacks of newspapers up to the ceiling and the bones of mysterious animals tucked away (as evidenced on the tv show of the same name), I am used to a cluttered environment, and it’s normal to go home and still find clothing or toys or books from 10-25 years ago.

When you hold on to things from the past, no matter what they may be, you stop that energy from transforming into something else. Holding onto clothes that may no longer fit your body, may no longer be in style, may no longer fit your current job or lifestyle prevents you from growing and changing into a new and better version of yourself.

As a child of hoarders, I didn’t grow up cleaning, to this day I still hate cleaning, and I definitely didn’t understand the concept of tossing things out until I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which quickly became my closet clean out guide.

Marie Kondo has a quick and simple method to get rid of clutter and maintain a tidy home. When I first purchased the book a few years ago, I eagerly devoured it, and I quickly began on my wardrobe.

The KonMarie method is simple (and incredibly simplified here). Tidying is a special event. Pick a day, pull out every single item of clothing you own and place it in a pile. Then go through each piece, one by one, and ask yourself one simple question: Does this item bring me joy?

It’s so simple, and I thought that surely I would do it wrong, but as I went through my clothes, sweater by sweater, shirt by shirt, it was incredibly clear that my white button down shirt brought me joy and my teal button down shirt did not.

I separated my clothing into 3 piles: items I would keep, items I would toss, and items I would donate. My NYC closet and dressers were overflowing prior to my first tidying event. If I recall correctly, during my first tidying up event, I tossed 7 bags of clothing and donated another 3 bags.

I highly recommend the book if you’re already objecting in your mind: But I can still use this! But this is a really good outfit for work! But what if I need this some day? But this reminds me of college! But you don’t understand how much money I spent on this!

After getting rid of 10 bags of clothes, my closet was mostly empty. (Did I mention the tiny NYC apartment?) But incredibly, my dressers are still tidy, years later, with plenty of room. My closet, much bigger now, is still mostly empty, which always surprises people, considering that I’m a designer and I adore clothing. But I also know what brings me joy and happiness. Every time I open a drawer to pick out a shirt, I smile because I love absolutely every single option I have to wear. In fact, not only is getting dressed fun, but it’s very easy, and I feel great in every single outfit.

So let’s go back to manifesting a better life, and back to the law of conservation of energy. You may say you want to feel good in your clothes or a better job, more money, whatever you’re trying to create and manifest in your life, but if you’re holding onto the past, that energy can’t turn into the life you want.

Get rid of that “perfect” work outfit that makes you frown. Donate that dress that would be perfect if only it were hemmed a few inches. Toss that ratty underwear, sunshine.

And just see what new beginnings are in store for you.


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  1. Jen Reply

    Great post! I read Marie Kondo’s book too and it was a game changer. As you mentioned, everything is energy!

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