What is the best size for style and fashion?

“I would totally wear this if I wasn’t overweight.”

This is one of the messages I received when I announced my newest design, the Noelle Pullover, and sadly, these messages aren’t unusual.

This seems like such a harmless statement, and as women, we throw statements out like that all the time. As a clothing designer, I receive emails like this all the time, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

It’s frustrating because we don’t even realize how statements like this devalue ourselves and our worth, and it’s never just about our weight.

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, it’s reflected around us. We usually don’t like our jobs, we usually complain about our family, and yeah, we usually punish our body or try to hide it because we’re not happy with it.

I have seen overweight women rock clothes that I wouldn’t dare wear, and I’ve heard women skinnier than me tell me that their bodies just don’t look right in clothing because they’re too boney.

The problem isn’t your bones and it isn’t your fat and it isn’t the clothing; the problem is what you think about yourself.

My newest course, Love Your Body/Love Your Life, launches the first week of January. It’s a 6 month course, and it’s a deep dive to rewire your brain and really love and appreciate all of you.

This isn’t just about clothing and fashion, although we cover that as well, but rather it’s about feeling worthy of your dreams and desires and giving yourself permission to be who you’ve always known you could be. You can be happy, and you can love life. And you can do it starting right now.

Exactly where you are.

And yes, you can order the Noelle Pullover in my shop now, and look just as stunning!

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